• We stage occupied and unoccupied spaces, both residential and commercial.


  • We offer initial consultations to assess your particular needs.


  • We will develop a plan of action and determine the best and most effective way for implementing that plan.


  • As needed we will de-clutter, edit and augment your current furnishing and accessories.


  • Alternatively, we will furnish and accessorize vacant properties.


  • We can provide cosmetic improvements and updates, deep cleaning, ongoing maintenance of our staging, which often includes pre-open house touch ups.


  • We can provide green staging and design.


  • Feng Shui services are available upon request.


  • We can make sure that your property is camera ready, including overseeing your photo shoot to ensure that your properties most desirable qualities are clearly depicted.


  • We can design your new home or space making sure that it meets your needs both in function and aesthetics. 


  • We can oversee all packing, storage and unpacking which also can include designing and arranging your new space.


  • We offer redesign, turning the home you live in into an up to date, beautiful, clutter free environment.



We have a long-standing collaborative relationship with Jeffrey Kamen and his firm.  Mr. Kamen works on both residential and commercial projects in a variety of scales. His knowledge of building codes, zoning, and the New York permit process saves time and money for our clients.


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