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JUELL Design Approach to Interior Design

Julia and Ellen, are the two principals of JUELL Design.

Their complementary skills and shared interests make them the ideal design firm for a client who is attracted to creativity and unexpected design choices.

We are a full-service design firm, specializing in creating luxurious, artful spaces that reflect our client’s lifestyle needs and aesthetic goals. At JUELL, we pride ourselves on having an eye for incorporating different materials, colors, and forms as well as the ability to work with a variety of design styles ranging from contemporary to vintage. Our goal is to create a unique and custom designed home specifically for you.

“We want to understand your style preferences, lifestyle needs and budget so we can develop and execute the perfect design plan for you. With our hands-on approach, we can take care of your entire project from beginning to end, always ensuring beautiful, custom curated results."

 Please reach out so that we can learn more about your goals and needs.

 JUELL offers White Glove Service…just let us know!

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