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Favorite Designers

Here at JUELL inc we were thinking about one of our all time favorite designers, Joe Colombo who died at age 41, in 1971.

Colombo left an indelible mark on our world by creating innovative furniture and industrial design, shaping as he said; “the living space of the future.”

We feel that the true genius of his work was his ability to combine beauty with functionality

Colombo’s passion for experimenting with newly developed materials and manufacturing techniques allowed him to create his “vision of a rational world in which design should be based on scientific research.”*

Ellen - It seemed like every photo studio I worked in had a Joe Colombo Storage Trolley.

They still look so cool and so functional!

Julia - Yellow is still my favorite color, thinking in retrospect it may be from my childhood fascination with my parent’s set of stacking Joe Colombo chairs. I have a vague memory of the excitement of the purchase at the original D/R in Cambridge.

FYI Store was located in Ben Thompson’s fab 1953 architectural masterpiece. Look it up! JUELL

Here are a few images of what we think are some his most iconic pieces.


PS: Vitra Design Museum is a GREAT source!!

Love and Design

e and j

*Joe Colombo, “Inventing the Future”, Vitra Design Museum

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