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JUELL's Essential Staging Tips

In what is now increasingly a buyer's market flooded with inventory, it's more important than ever to present a beautifully staged listing.

We want to share some of our essential staging tips for you to implement yourself, or to share with your clients.

Or, you can hire JUELL to create custom curated stagings that appeal directly to each listing's widest possible demographic.

Spectacular stagings will help potential buyers imagine themselves living their best lives.

Remember that staged homes sell up to 99% faster and for an average of 17% more than their unstaged counterparts 

Focus Your Efforts

  • rooms that have the biggest potential to influence the buyer

  • highlight each room's most impressive assets

Get Rid of Clutter

  • all areas that a buyer can see

  • storage spaces should be cleaned out

  • most decor should be removed

  • getting rid of clutter makes the home appear larger

Squeaky Clean

  • suggest to buyers that a home is well taken care of

  • don't forget inside of refrigerators, windows and blinds

No Odors

  • suggests freshness

  • clean out garbage cans and anything pet related

  • vanilla candles, citrus or oil diffusers can add an inviting scent

Patch and Repair

  • any tiny nicks, scratches, holes

  • imperfections will impact the buyer's perception that the home isn't well taken care of 

Kitchen Cabinets

  • should be stained or painted if they are dated

  • this is a great inexpensive alternative to replacing them

Let in The Light

  • open window shades, blinds and curtains

  • turn on overhead lights and lamps to maximize light

  • make sure walls are freshly painted a light color

  • dark rooms are perceived as depressing and rooms with light are perceived as not only uplifting, but larger

Plants and Flowers

  • well placed they can add life, freshness and a pop of color to a room

  • either live or faux can do the trick

  • space them thought the home

  • colorful flowers, small plants, large plants, greenery and a tree in a corner are all great


  • should look clean

  • power cleanings essential

  • consider refinishing wood floors if they are in poor shape

  • area rugs are also a great remedy and an inexpensive solution

Rooms Should Have a Purpose

  • if a room is ambiguous, assign it to something definitive, such as home office, babies' room, etc...


  • bathrooms sell homes

  • grimy and dated tile are a red flag

  • update tile using epoxy paint

  • have fresh clean towels, garbage emptied and a new bar of soap

Awkward Areas

  • underneath stairways or nooks, should be repourposed to be shown in a unique way, ie: home office, bookshelves, etc...


  • keep about 1/4 - 1/2 of your books

  • grouping  some books vertically and some horizontally

  • remember to sprinkle in some key accent pieces to add visual interest


  • should be simple, minimal and in neutral tones

  • buyers needs to be able to visualize their own furniture in the space

  • it should be easy to walk around and navigate a room

  • store any furniture that's extraneous, too large, damaged or anything that doesn't match the rest of the room in a lived-in space


  • to sell a home quickly and for the maximum price, it's important to attract as many potential buyers to your listing as possible

  • featuring high quality staged listing photos are the best way to boost your homes virtual appeal, enabling it to stand out from the competition, to sell faster and for more money

JUELL creates and curates designs for vacant, lived in and commercial spaces

We work safely both in person and virtually to meet all of your staging and design needs

JUELL works with developers


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