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Stupendous Small Entryway Ideas

Whether your front door opens into a grand, classical entryway or right onto the dark corner of the kitchen, your entryway will be the first place that greets you and your guests upon entering your home. 

Even small foyers can make a great first impression.

We advise a bold look for this part of your home, even if it isn't exactly large, or its own room.

Small foyers are an ideal situation for high impact that will easily make up for any lack of space by being luxe and special.

The following ideas will turn your non-foyer into a pleasant entryway no matter its size or scale.

We at JUELL want to share with you 12 ways to make a great first impression,  even if all you have is a blank wall by the door, you can still transform your non-foyer into a pleasant entryway no matter what its size or scale.

JUELL is available to stage your listings, so they appeal directly to the widest possible demographic.  Spectacular staging's will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living their best lives!

Yes, that dark corner of a your living room by the door can be a foyer!

1 Mount wall

Having a hook for your guests outerwear and, your own sopping wet raincoat, this convenience will make your guests feel as if you've actually designed the space with their arrival in mind.  

2 Pull up a small chair or bench

The idea is to carve out a spot for your guests to take off their  shoes when they enter or to plop down their purses.  The beauty of this is that minimal square footage is required.

A small bench or a single chair pressed up against the wall by the door will suffice.

3 Try a wall covering 

As a way to define the space and strengthen those first impressions, down't clutter the space with anything extraneous, but you can try large scale geometric or boldly colored wallpaper on the walls and ceiling and if the budget is tight...paint it. You can also try a bold color for fun!

If you're in a quandary as to what shade, go to your closet to look for a color you love and have it matched at your local hardware store.

4 Define the space using a rug

Especially if you're dealing with a foyer that's really just the wall of another room, setting down a rug in that area will make it feel like a unified, separate entryway.

5 Hang a floating shelf

A floating shelf is perfect for dropping keys and stacking mail without taking up any floor space at all.  Find one with built in hooks or install your own underneath to make the most of your wall space.

6 Yes to a statement light fixture

A large light fixture can make a room feel larger and taller.  A bold pendant or modern pendant or chandelier also makes a memorable and bright first impression.

7 Paint the door a bold color

The entryway of many homes is restricted to a door at the end of a long hallway, leaving no room for other furniture, to define and draw attention to the space.

Painting the door a bright or distinctive color of your choice draws the eye and makes the entry area a focal point!

8 Add a small console table

If you have a wedge of floor space, consider placing a petite console table or chest in the entry.  Find one that has storage, or utilize the area underneath to stash shoes, bags, and all those other things you tend to trip over on your way out the door.

9 Hang a mirror

A mirror by the front door is not just for checking your outfit on your way out the door.  It can also help make the space feel bigger and brighter, which is especially helpful if your entrance is far from natural light.

11 Find a mail organizer

One of the biggest entryway pains has to be the ever expanding pile of mail you're confronted with, which is why a handy dandy sorter is such a good idea.

12 Bring in plant friends

Add some life to your entry with a plant or two. Choose a colorful planter or a plant stand to make more of an impact.  You can sit it on the floor or hang it on the wall.

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