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Quick Bathroom Updates

The bathroom may not be our hang out of choice. But for many, a bathroom can be a tranquil retreat.  So, for this reason alone, it's worth paying extra attention to its design and decor.

Here are some great tips for you to try...but if you want some added support, we at JUELL are here and ready to help with all your staging and design needs.

Paint a Mood

Oh, what a coat of paint can do - especially a tranquil watercolor shade of blue against pure white make a lovely restful combination. Or, stick with a coat of classic white for a clean, fresh feeling.

Make the Pulls Pop

There's nothing like a new set of cabinet hardware to refresh a room.  The possibilities are endless: modern, rustic, or vintage.

Fun Mirrors

Replacing a bland mirror with a couple of more artful versions can help a bathroom feel less sterile and a bit cozier.

Hook it Up

A simple shelf or bar with hooks is right at home in a bathroom, if you have an open wall near the tub, adding hooks will ensure that your towels and robe are always accessible.

Be Spa Minded

Why keep your cotton balls and Q-tips under the sink when there are a lot of great choices to display them?

If glass containers in the bathroom seems like an invitation to disaster, score a few low-profile rattan baskets to store your wares.

Let it Rain

A new shower head can make you feel like you're on vacation at home.

Depending on your preferences, you can go for a dual shower head with varying pressures and speed, or a rain shower head that gives you a softer, more relaxing experience.

It's Easy to Refresh the Accents

Even if you never pick up a hammer or nail, you'll feel like you're walking into a transformed space if the accents are new.

If you have neutral walls and fixtures, here's your chance to be bold with the shower curtain, towels and rugs!

Reach Out

We are here and happy to work with you and all your friends to safely meet all you design needs!


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