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Easy Wall Fixes and Augmentations

Imperfect walls impact the look of an entire room.  JUELL wants to share some of our big and small  tips on how to either repair, mask or augment the look of your not perfect walls, with results you will love!

Here are some great tips for you  to try...but if you want some added support, we at JUELL are here and ready to help with all your staging and design needs.

Think Traditional

You can achieve beautiful effects by simply using decorative molding.  A traditional motif can deliver a timeless look, and a modern or boho statement can be realized dependent on pattern, color and decor choices.

Pegboards Mania

Pegboards are such a wonderful multipurpose storage solution with great benefits that you can hang just about anything on them.  They are not just good for a workshop, they are handy to use over a desk, in a kitchen or where ever...

They have a fantastic look and can be painted to work with your room of choice.

Curtains For You

Curtains are not just for bracketing and shading a window, they are also and ideal choice to block an unsightly wall, or a beautiful textured backdrop for a headboard wall.

They work well without a window behind them too!

Mirror Mirror

We love mirrors because not only are they functional, making a room appear larger...they can also be an integral design element.

One large mirror strategically placed on a wall can be an important focal point, or a group of interesting mirrors grouped together delivers high impact.

The Temporary

There is a vast selection of removable wallpaper and murals on the market, but increasingly there are also a huge variety of decals.

Decals are amazing because they give you a lot of flexibility. They can be configured any way you wish, filling an entire wall...or not.  They are also perfect choice for a kid's room since they are not permanent.  As your  kids grow and change, so too can the design.

Tiny Tips...

  • Dents, small holes and cracks are a simple fix.  Using a putty knife, smear some spackle into and over the dent, then when dry, sand till smooth

  • The smaller the nail, the smaller the hole, the easier to fix

  • Adhesive hooks are great for hanging things and don't leave a mark when it's time to remove

  • Use Monkey Hooks for heavier items (up to 50lbs) in dry wall.  It makes a tiny hole, so easy to repair

  • Velcro is perfect for light weight fabric hangings

We are here and happy to work with you and all your friends to safely meet all your design needs!

JUELL creates hand curated designs for vacant, lived in and commercial spaces as well as remodels and interior design projects.


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