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Brilliant Kitchen Makeover Tips

Okay, so it's been quite a while since we've been out in the world living our best lives. Making this the perfect time to reassess your kitchen and make some life enhancing changes on a a budget. Whether those changes are big or small, the right changes can make a dynamic difference in the heart of your home. Here are some great tips that you can implement yourself...or give us a call! Juell Design services are here for you, working safely and virtually.  Paint Cabinets A coat or two of paint or stain makes a huge change to the look of your kitchen. We recommend one of the most exciting trends in kitchen design right now, "tuxedo" cabinetry (two-Tone). The norm is light on the top and dark or bold on the bottom.  One of our favorite combos is rich blue on the bottom, like Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball and a warm white on the top. Back Splash Try stick on backsplashes they are inexpensive and can look really great. They come in an awesome array of options from natural stone, PVC, glass, metal, gel and stone veneer. Floor Making big changes to your floor does not necessitate ripping out of the old for the new. You can easily throw down a great rug or paint it. If you choose to paint, it's all about doing the right prep in order to have a great result that lasts. Whether you choose a solid color or a snazzy pattern, the end product is going to be gorgeous and transforming. Cabinet Pulls No matter what your style, updating your pulls really changes the look of your cabinetry. Remember that if you change the color of your pulls, we suggest that your faucet color matches your new pulls. Under Cabinet Lighting Under the cabinet lighting is an affordable way to increase lighting and create a cozier more welcoming kitchen. They can be super easy to install and there are a variety of types including, battery powered that can be mounted with either a screw or adhesvie. Pendant Light A  pendant light or lights adds illumination, and can visual interest to your kitchen. The right light can pull the whole room together and create a statement. They can be plugged in, swoop the cord and hang from a hook in the ceiling. Another option is, using a pendant conversion kit, you can screw in a pendant light wherever a recessed bulb would go.  Walls Whether you want to try an accent wall or a uniform look, we suggest paint, wallpaper or a combo of the two. There is an amazing selection of peel-and -stick wallpaper out there with fantastic pattern choices. You might also want to try painting the cabinets and the walls the same color, trying something bold like a great teal. A unique wall color will keep it interesting. JUELL is here to help with all of your staging and design needs.  Stay Well


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