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We are all in this together, whether isolating at home alone or with others.

Let’s take this moment to move forward and make positive changes where we can!

This is a perfect time to take stock of our homes, to observe and analyze what we can do to make our surroundings as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

We suggestion these two TIPS as ways to make impactful changes that won’t decimate your house hold budget.

Our first TIP: Take time to a look at each room as a whole.

Look at your walls, do they look a little dingy and scuffed? A new coat of paint can update the look of an entire room, including altering your experience of it.


White paint brings in light and makes the room appear larger. Color value and hue, can change the feeling of a room, adding a range of emotional responses. Serenity and calmness can be created with tones of grey and neutrals, brightness can be added to a gloomy room with the right tones of green, orange and yellow and pink evokes fun and glamor.

Keep in mind an accent wall is a smaller project and can make a big impact.

There are some stores like Home Depot that are still delivering, but check to see if your local hardware store is delivering.

Our second TIP: A new rug can hide a multitude of sins from old worn out floors, to flooring that you never liked or just replacing an old rug. A new rug is an effective, instant upgrade.

Websites like Rugs USA offer great choices at discounted prices, and make it easy with free delivery.

Now can be that perfect time to shake it up, experiment and transform your home environment. Let your fingers do the shopping.


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