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Are you feeling a bit claustrophobic these your walls are closing in?  If you are tired of looking at the same four walls and want to do something dynamic to beef up and add some excitement to one or more of your walls.

Well then, JUELL is here to help with some fantastic tips and techniques from the pros that you can do yourself!

Wall Stenciling

Is a simple and easy way to add sophistication and fun to your space.  There are a lot of stencil options on the internet, or you can create one yourself.

Geometric Tape Design

A graphic, geometric look is easy to achieve with painters' tape.  It looks amazing whether you choose to have a purely linear drawing or paint in the shapes with different colors.  You can also use this technique to paint stripes, chevron, checkerboard or any other pattern that uses straight lines.

Play with different shapes, starting with big shapes first.  Make sure to figure out your palate ahead of time.

If you choose to implement a linear look.  First paint your base color defining your line pattern.  When the paint dries, apply the tape over the printed lines.  Then, paint your top coat over the wall.  We suggest 2 coats to maximize coverage.  When the paint is dry, pull the tape off.

If you choose to paint in blocks of color, first tape out your pattern, then paint in your  color choice.  When paint is dry, pull the tape off.

If you choose to paint in blocks of color, first tape out your pattern, then paint in your color choice.  When paint is dry, pull off the tape.

Metallic Paint

There are a multitude of ways you can use this paint, with results varying from very sophisticated to more playful.

You can paint an accent wall, an entire room and or if you choose to just paint accents, resuting in more layered look.

Polka Dots

You can make polka dots with a circle sponge and paint or adhesive paper using either a Cricut or a circle punch to cut out the dots.

We love using metallic adhesive paper but all colors work to great effect.

If you are choosing to implement the sponge method and are using multiple colors, we suggest one dedicated sponge for each color.

Color Washing

Color washing is a beautiful technique that gives a subtle aged effect.

You can achieve this effect by working on a wall  with a dampened cheesecloth, and using a combo of sheepskin and a dry brush.  Use rounded movements to move the paint around to created a soft look.

We hope you try out and enjoy these fun tips that can make a big difference in how you experience your time sheltering at home.  This is a great time to make positive and perhaps daring changes!

Let us know if you, or any of your friends could use our support.

We at JUELL are here and ready to take care of all your staging and design needs, safely and virtually!


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