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Time To Declutter

Here in NYC it's been over a month of social distancing and staying home. All of our homes, no matter how spacious and comfortable they once felt, now seem smaller, and less suited to our daily lives.

There is nothing less motivating than a home that is messy and disorganized.

A well-organized home boosts productivity and lifts the spirits.

Whether in your forever home, or planning a move, now is the perfect time to declutter and reorganize.

We have listed some great, affordable tips so you can do it yourself, or if you need some added support, we at JUELL are here to help.

JUELL's 4 Pile Decluttering Strategy

1   Keep - items you currently use and like or of sentimental value

2  Storage - anything you don't want to donate or throw away and/or are not using at

     the moment, ie: off season clothing, holiday and party decorations

3   Donate/sell - consider online consignment, or box up for donation when possible

4   Trash - items that are not wanted by you, broken or worn out

Tackle One room at a time, starting with one area of that room

Remember to thoroughly clean all closets, shelves and drawers once items are removed

Use large, well labeled, clear containers for storage to streamline the clutter. You can purchase these online from big box stores like, The Container Store or Target

 Let us know if you, or any of your friends could use our support.  

We at JUELL are here and ready to take care of all your staging and design needs,

safely and virtually!

JUELL works with Developers 


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