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Tips For a Narrow Hallway

We are now half way through our second month of social distancing, are walls seem to closing in a bit, particularly the narrow ones. We thought it would be helpful to offer some helpful hints to push those walls back!

Here are JUELL’s easy fixes to transform your dark, narrow hallway into a warm, light, and inviting space.

JUELL'S  Hallway Tips 


Mirrors and reflective surfaces bounce light and visually open up and expand the space


Illuminating the space can make or break any room, but especially a narrow hallway. Generally speaking, the more light there is, the bigger a space looks, dimmable, track lights are a great option because they allow you to customize your lighting, for a reasonable cost.


Paint your hallway white, including the ceiling, to create an open bright feeling.

Try a paint with a hint of sheen to reflect light. 

Or, have some fun and try a daring paint color or wallpaper in a bold pattern.


Framed artwork can broaden your visual space.

Hang art on one side of the hall only, both sides of the hallway can make your walls appear closer together.

Try one or two large pieces, or make a gallery wall.


A runner down the center of the hallway will give the appearance of a more expansive area by anchoring the space while giving visual interest.

Choose a runner in light tonal colors. Or try  a vivid color and / or dynamic a pattern  to make the most of this visual affect. 

Go on line to to see if your local stores are delivering, you can also check big box stores

Let us know if you, or your friends can use our support. We at JUELL are here and ready to take care of all your staging and design needs, safely and virtually!

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