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Tips For Home Workspace

Since hunkering down, and with our common desire to stay safe, many of us have had to figure out how to work from home.

We at JUELL decided to give you some useful tips about how to configure your own home office.  We understand that this may not be a simple task. Many of us have kids, roommates or partners at home.  You also may live in a home that lacks an abundance of space, but, we have faith with a little ingenuity...we can figure it out.

Here are some tips that you can implement yourself...or give us a call!  JUELL Design services are here for you, working safely and virtually.

Get Dressed

Do not spend your days in PJ's. try to dress up a little, particularly if you have a Zoom meeting. It's                      important to still function as a professional, and putting on clothing that makes you feel good is a confidence booster.

Set a Schedule

Set a schedule that best echo's your pre-Covid routine.

Entering your designated home workspace will help mark the beginning of your work day, and leaving your workspace, turning everything off at the end of the day, signals a decisive end to your work day. 

Coordinate Schedules

Coordinate your schedule with your co-workers.  Besides for the ability to communicate with your co-workers, it will help you to transition back to the office.


It's important to communicate to your family or roommates when you may need extra quiet, or no interruptions for specific Zoom or phone meetings.

Designated Workspace

Find a spot to set up a designated work space in an area which allows you to be more comfortable and productive.  The area should be away from potential distraction.  

If you don't fully disconnect, both your work and your home life can suffer.

Work Space Ideas

the area doesn't have to be large.  It can be a kitchen counter, hallway desk or part of a dinning room table.

Room Division

If you don't have enough separation from your family/roommates, set up a room divider.  One idea is to use a bookcase which can multitask for separation, as well as storage.

Desk Chair

If you don't have a desk chair, make sure you have a chair with a backrest to help maintain good posture.  Even the most basic chair can be made more comfortable adding a lumbar support pillow and a seat cushion.


Make sure you have the right lighting.  Its great if you can work by a window which supplies a steady stream of natural light.  We also suggest investing in a task light, which can supplement natural light and provide light you need if you are working late or you  don't have the advantage of natural light.

Basic Supplies

Set up the basics, pen, paper, pencils, waste paper basket, access to wall outlets (to plug in devices), and  access to the internet.


Make sure you have the technology you need, laptop, desktop and or tablet.

Noise canceling headphones can be a bonus in a noisy home, and don't forget a good power strip.

Incorporate Your Own Style

You can make that happen by choosing art and or photos to decorate the wall that you find motivating.


"Tidy office tidy mind", is certainly a statement that always rings true.  Make sure to keep your desk neat.  In order to prevent the clutter from building up.  Having an organizational system can make all the difference, ie: filing cabinet, baskets, desk organizer.  We always suggest highly functional and great looking desk supplies that help to keep you organized as well as attractive to look at.

Add Green

Adding a beautiful plant helps to keep you feeling calm as well as cleaning the air.

Add a Rug

Adding and inexpensive rug that you like will ground the space, absorb sound as well as bring you joy to look at.

Good luck creating a beautiful and functional workspace....remember that JUELL is here to help with any of your staging and design needs.


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